BROUQ Developments Now In Egypt

BROUQ Developments Now In Egypt

Capitalizing on the leading and diverse knowledge of its founders, BROUQ Developments brings to Egypt more than twenty-three years of
regional excellence, spanning the Arabian Gulf and North Africa with iconic projects, renowned for their highest standards of quality.

NBS Holding, in collaboration transfer their global standards, alongside their unmatched knowledge to the Egyptian market by investing in an impressive portfolio of land banks across strategic locations in Egypt with an investment worth 8 billion Egyptian Pounds. Consequently, BROUQ Developments was born to forever change the face of commercial, administrative, medical and hospitality excellence while enriching every aspect of its community’s life. Today, the company aims to set a new benchmark in integrated excellence on par with global projects around the world.

By relying on insightful research to identify ever-evolving market trends, BROUQ Developments is dedicated to fulfill the contemporary aspirations of modern communities, as well as varied lifestyles by putting integrated solutions under one comprehensive roof, so they can effortlessly thrive. With an eye on excellence and a commitment to exceed every expectation, BROUQ Developments crafts state of the art models that combine vital ingredients such as living and leisure, in addition to added value to enrich every aspect of life. Innovative, progressive and a cut above, all of BROUQ Developments projects stand as true testaments of iconic excellence by boasting strategic locations and a visionary outlook, bringing treasured moments at communities’ fingertips

A Brighter Future

Globally, the demand for sustainable solutions and green cities is increasing. Therefore, Egypt launched its national initiative “Prepare for Green” to combat alarming pollution rates and extreme climate change while increasing awareness of the importance of preserving the Earth’s natural resources to guarantee a brighter future for all. Hence, BROUQ Development seeks to provide sustainable projects by allocating vast areas to boast breathing nature and artificial lakes, in addition to adopting strict strategies to preserve natural resources through the effective use of solar energy and waste and water management solutions. Our aim is to promote a balanced lifestyle that enables our communities to thrive in an environmentally safe and healthy environment

1 Billion dollars investment portfolio. With investment worth 8 billion Egyptian Pounds, BROUQ developments placed themselves among the titans as a trusted partner!

A new Titan rebirth!

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